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Mobile has changed since 1999...
We've moved on from 96*65 monochrome to full colour touchscreens. WAP has (thankfully) been replaced by the mobile web. Thousands of vastly different mobile handsets have been released and at least ten major new mobile platforms launched. Ad-supported, social gaming, freemium and gamification have all been 'the next big thing' - and 'app' is now part of our everyday lexicon.
...yet much remains the same.
At BitBull we try not to get caught up in the industry hype but concentrate on the stuff that really matters. Compelling game, character and level design; intuitive user-interface and pacing that just feels 'right'. These things haven't changed since we cut our teeth producing 'apps' for the ZX Spectrum and are just as relevant for today's mobile phones and tablets.

So, if you think there's something we can help you with please get in touch. We mainly self-publish though also build bespoke applications and offer consultancy on interactive and digital media products both big and small. Feel free to read a little more about our history or browse some of our work first. We are based in the UK near the cities of Bristol and Bath.

Should we work together you can expect a great result - just don't expect any bull.

Blog: How To Use Google Maps In Xamarin.Forms

News: Check out the Jetboard Joust Devlog!

We've just finished the alpha demo for the naked chunk of retro craziness that is the the first Joystick Junkyard title! Meet Mr. Ron in 'Attack of Giant Jumping Man' below...

Check out 'Toss The Floppy Frog', our first game built from the ground-up for smartphones! Download this chunk of jumpy, hoppy, frogger goodness for free from the AppStore or Google Play.

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